Here are fifteen tips to create good eating habits, certified by recent studies:

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Want a sure way to crash your diet? Cut out everything you love to
eat the most. Lisa Sasson, professor of nutrition at New York
University, attests: “If you choose a diet with foods you don’t like,
you are bound to fail.” Eating is a pleasurable experience and there
is nothing wrong with it. The first big step to healthy eating
is choosing a diet that you are able to follow to the letter.
Think carefully about how much food you put on your plate
Eating also has a psychological component, especially when you
want to lose weight or simply be healthier. Remembering your goals
when putting your portion on your plate is half the battle. That’s why
many people who are food study subjects actually end up losing
weight , as they become much more self-conscious about their
eating habits.
Escape from restaurants and bring your own food to work
Fast food and restaurant takeouts are generous by nature – and it’s
much harder to keep control. Elizabeth G. Nabel, director of an
American hospital focused on lungs, heart and blood, gives a good
tip: “one way to measure how much you eat is not to let each
portion be bigger than your fist,” she explained.

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